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What happens to my Bill 5 file when I open it in Bill 6?

Can I use Bill 5 and Bill 6 on the same computer at the same time?

Is Add Tender the only place where I can add a column in Bill?

How can I back up rates other than the Rate column?

How is an average base rate calculated?

I am a contractor and have finished entering my rates. I want to email them to the engineer to import into Bill. When I use File > Export > Rate from the Rates view, I get this message: Column Rate not displayed in the item table.

How do I change the wording for Total Carried Forward to Summary?

If I use the arrow keys or the enter key to navigate, the highlighted cell does not open for editing. I actually have to click into the cell. Why does this happen?

How do Comments work?

When I put in the date format as dd-MM-yy , I get this format in Excel 20dd/MM/yy. Why does this happen?

Excel printing issue – A black Excel window appears whilst printing to Excel, even if the ‘Display Excel window whilst printing’ option is not selected. Sometimes, when this happens, the Excel printout doesn’t complete.

How do I add an expression for a column in Bill?

How do I add the Certificate number to the Works printout?

How do I print Notes?

In Bill 5 I could draw a line across the Description column after a section. Can I do this in Bill 6?

Why are there no headings in Demo-CESMM3?

In the previous Bill, the pages numbers still printed even if the format did not have a ? to denote where the page number was to fall. Is this different in Bill 6?

Some of the page number formats do not pick up the first page number that I have chosen. Why does this happen?

When I put in the correct password to retrieve my downloaded file which had been published, it gives a bad CRC message while extracting file.

When I tried to use an expression for a column, why did the Amount update but not the Rate?

How do I renumber items that I have inserted?

How do the Printout Rules work?

If I have set up special rules for units in Format > Special units in Bill 5, what happens to these when I upgrade to Bill 6?

Under Tools > Program Settings, if I do not select the 'Create temporary print files in the [project].bill folder' where are the printouts created?

Where is the Rates Service?

When I print to Word, my heading is not lining up correctly with the table. It lines up with the Amount and not my cents column It does work properly with other files. Why does this happen?

Why do I get zeroes in my quantity column and rate column when printing?

How do I change the page number?

Installation error 1723

How do I get the printout to skip to a new page?

Printing Error: System.InvalidCastException: Conversion from string "-45,000.00" to type 'Double' is not valid. - - -> System.Format.Exception: Input string was not in a correct format.

The CPA in my payment certificate is not being pulled through.

In Bill 5 I could edit all the Works certificate quantity columns, but can't do this in Bill 6.


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