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Covid-19: Using Bill Project And OnTrack At Home

To our valued clients

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown we have put measures in place to ensure that we can provide you with an uninterrupted service.

In addition we would like to help you in these difficult times by offering the following:

  • Free use of OnTrack for companies that do not use OnTrack, while there is a state of disaster or state of emergency. This will enable you to keep track of work done at home in a cloud database using a cell phone or computer. After the state of disaster or emergency has been lifted if you decide to stop using OnTrack we will send you your data in Excel file format.

  • Free conversion of existing LAN (Local Area Network) OnTrack databases to cloud databases.

  • Free use of OnTrack for single users, including after any state of disaster or emergency has been lifted.

  • Free registration of existing Bill Project licences on home computers, without having to de-register office licences.

  • Free Bill Project and OnTrack JumpStart training while there is a state of disaster or emergency.

Some of the ways our programs can help limit social contact:

  • OnTrack can be used to manage project costs from home, including recording time and expenses, monitoring budgets and producing invoices and cost reports.

  • Bill Project can be used to exchange documents electronically, including tenders, monthly progress claims and work certificates.

For more information on how our programs can help you please phone us at +27 (0)42 294 1777 or email us at


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